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Before downloading, Please Read and Follow Conditions and Terms of Use.


Conditions and Terms of Use

 I have placed the presets I have created here for free downloads to whoever wishes to own/use them.  Do not claim these BladePro presets as your own originals, or offer them as downloads on any other web site without my permission.  They are for personal use only and are to be excluded from any commercial uses unless my consent is obtained in writing.


These are BladePro Presets I have made, for the most part, from unique textures and bitmap files used for color.  

I did not make all of the images used.  Although a few of them are my own creations, the rest have come from various textures folders belonging to programs I own and use, websites with the files made available for free use or were part of BladePro's collection of images.  

There are now well over 250 presets to choose from here.  I do hope you find some that you like!


If you are in the habit of downloading BladePro Presets from various sites, it would be wise to put these in a separate folder temporarily 1) to make sure you like the them the way they are or to be able to easily make any adjustments you may feel are necessary and 2) if necessary, to compare any of your existing BladePro presets in case overwriting files with same names would completely ruin any other presets you have.  If  it turns out that you have existing bitmaps with the same names that are different pictures/textures altogether, make a note of the reflection settings, since it will change sometimes when adding the file used for color, rename the image files that go with these presets, apply the newly renamed file to the preset it belongs to and save the preset with the newly named image and its proper (or your preferred) reflections setting before actually moving them into your BladePro environments and textures folder.  The names of these presets can be changed as well, if need be.


Or, you can make separate folders within your environments and textures folder named after the presets creators (or given any name you choose, really) since BladePro will prompt you to locate the folder which contains the bitmap image it is looking for and defaults to the one you are working out of!  This is the easiest route to take if you have the space to store duplicate images.


These presets were originally created in a 400x400 image with white framed edges of 48 pixels (inside the 400).  Any of these presets that use files of the same name are using the same file and any of them that are using original BladePro images are using images that have not been modified.


You'll notice a slight white or grey background on some of the darker presets.  That is purely intentional to show them on the dark background of these pages.


If you would like to link back to my site from yours, it would be much appreciated!


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