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Welcome to a special page of PunkinHaid's BladePro Presets!


These are BladePro Presets I have made from unique textures files made by Mindy at Peapod Designs.  You will find a link to her site at the end of this tutorial so please be sure to go visit and let her know we appreciate her work because without her, these presets wouldn't be possible.

If you encounter any problems, please e-mail me and I'll be right on it.

You will find links at the end of this tutorial to download one or both zipped files.


Open a new transparent image 400x400.
With the selection tool and starting at pixels 48 down and 48 across, make a selection within the image ending at 352 pixels across and 352 pixels down.
Invert the selection and flood-fill with White.
Open the BladePro presets His & Hers or Most Manly and chose the colors of your liking or play with the random button until something comes (colorwise) up that you like.
I am using the His & Hers preset in this tutorial because it is so His or Hers lol.  The Most Manly preset is pretty masculine on both sides.
Make these adjustments to the preset before applying:
Adjust the bitmap image texture settings to 43.
*The Radius setting to 7.
*The Height to 43.
*The Texture to 42.
You want to use the fourth shape setting from the bottom (see images below), and from here, you can play with the other settings to suit yourself if you feel like it.






















*MostManly Radius setting is 110.
*MostManly Height is-47
*MostManly Texture is -51

You can play with these three settings in either preset application, just make sure that the bitmap image texture is kept at 43 to keep the pattern even on both sides of the frame.



Using the freehand tool with the Point-to-Point option, make a selection of half of your image diagonally, (right & bottom half for her or left & top half for him).



Choose "Edit", "Copy" and "Paste as a New Selection"
Place the selection over the same area where you copied it from.
Now Choose "Image", "Mirror" and "Flip".
Zoom in on the image and check to see if the selection is placed at the proper corners and edges.
Choose "Selection", "Select All" and "Promote To Layer"
Crtl D to unselect and "Viola!" There is a His or Hers frame!
Click on the transparent area in the center with the selection tool and add a drop shadow to suit your tastes and add depth to the frame.  I added two to the Most Manly example, one at a plus (+) both horizontally and vertically and another at the same number but minus (-).
Clicking on the background layer of the layer palette, flood fill/decorate as you wish and add a new raster layer for the image you want in between the two...



And there you have it!  A beautiful frame just for her!


Apply the tutorial to the opposite sides when making your diagonal selection and you have a frame just for him!


Most Manly Example:


Tutorial not applied to this frame in order to allow you to see both sides.
Johnny Depp added especially for Kittie "Mreow!" *wink*





 Download His&Hers BladePro Preset Here



 Download MostManly BladeProPreset Here




**This tutorial free to share with graphics e-mailing lists with these images or your own creations using these two presets.  All I ask is that you include a link to this tutorial in case your list members need to contact me for any reason:
Thanks, and As Always, Have Fun!