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If you have any problems while you are here that I can fix or help you with, please e-mail me!

The above text was created with the preset Ruby Slippers, my first totally original BladePro preset.  :)

As with all the headers on these pages, I have made the heading text out of one of the presets featured on that page and have added a similar colored drop-shadow.

Please refer to the introductory page of this site for some simple instructions on how to keep these presets intact and not ruin any of your existing BladePro Presets if you are like me, something of a collector lol.


Just Click On The Examples To Download The Zipped Files

Autumn Foil


Blueberry Pie






Copper Pot


Diamond Tiara


Fire Dragon Scales




Molten Cheetah


Royal Dragon


Silver Deco



Black Laquer


Blue Silk


Castle Wall


Copper Cauldron






Good Tread


Jade Marble


Pumpkin Swirl


Ruby Slippers


Snakeskin Boots


USA Confetti